Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Sophie and Sister Review! AA Stacie Clone!-Update!

Hey Gang!

So like I said in my last post, I purchased Sophie and Sister!

So here are the items out of the box!

You get an adult doll and a child doll.  There are two purses, mirror and brush!
Why toy makers still provide brushes and mirrors is far beyond me! Does anyone 
use them?
Close-ups of the dolls.
Adult doll
The Stacie clone I was wanting!
She is very cute!
I thought the adult doll's face looked familiar but she doesn't look like any of the
other clone dolls I have. If you are familiar with the head sculpt, please let me know.

The purses look like Barbie/Liv Doll knock-offs and they are the quality of either.
So even though I don't need anymore pink purses, someone else might!
It wasn't until I looked at the brush and mirror that I realized that the set was by
Defa Lucy.  That explained the coloring of the dolls.
For clone dolls the adult shoes aren't too bad!  They are better than some I have seen and it they weren't pink, they would be keepers.  Right now I have more pink shoes that I can count!
The Stacie clone has pink sneakers which feels like a strange choice for the 
dressy dress she is wearing. The quality on the sneaker could be a little better.
The back of the shoes are a little thin and can bend down when you are putting 
shoes on the doll.

So lets look at the doll!

For a clone, the thickness of the hair is not bad!
It is fairy full and there aren't serious bald spots!
Here she is compared to the original Stacie and Kenya's Keyshia doll.
The Stacie clone is lighter and has a grayish tint to her.
The face is a pretty good likeness!
The head is also about the same size as Stacie.  
Some clone dolls the head can be bigger or smaller.
Face color comparison of the clone and Keyshia
I pushed the head down a little.  The longer neck didn't seem to work for me.
Mattel AA 1991 Janet, AA clone Stacie, and Keyshia

One of the things about Mattel AA dolls is the complexion on Mattel dolls are 
warm colors.  Many others doll manufacturers (ET, Pretty Girls, etc.)  have a 
gray or greenish undertone.
The body of the clone is unlike any of the other child dolls I have seen. The Keyshia doll uses a body similar to Mattel Stacie but better.  Nude, you can really see the complexion difference. The clone Stacie is shorter than the Mattel doll.

The clone has breast which may mean that the body was used is a miniature adult doll.
The clone feet are smaller than Mattel doll.
The ankle is thinner too!

The foot is way smaller than 1991 Janet.
Stacie Clone feet are closer in size to Chelsea doll shoes.

The knee can bend slight.
The arms and legs can move up and down and to the side.
Clone Stacie in Fairy pose!
Dolls in Fairy pose!
Stacie can wear clone dress...kinda!
But it is too small to close fully in the back!

Comparison of the adult doll!

Tiana, clone adult doll, AA Toys R Us doll on Artsy body.

Nude body comparison.
All have a form of the belly button body.
The torso are similar in size.
It was cost a lot of money to give clone dolls shapely legs and butt 
because most clone doll don't have either. They can have a full wardrobe and other 
accessories but no butt or shapely legs.
Clone has the normal clone foot size and shape.
The knee does bent but not the three position click of older Mattel legs.
So her she is hanging out with the gang! I am calling her Rochelle.  She is wearing Chelsea size doll  yellow shoes, My Life As...  gray top, and pink tights I got on FB.


Mattel does plan to release an AA Stacie alone with other dolls her size.  I don/t know what the names will be but I can't wait to see them in stores!

Baby Sitter dolls!


OK, Thanks For Looking!


Just My Dolls said...

The Stacie clone actually has a cute face. I guess this is kind of what a modern version of Janet would look like if they made one.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Thanks for the thorough review! For the price and the chance to own a dark-skinned (even with grayish undertones) pair, this is a nice set. It would be nice if they had better bodies and more shapely legs.


Anonymous said...

I think she's really cute :-). Lovely little doll!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your Comments Just My Dolls, dbg of BDE and Millicent! I think she is a great find.

Just My Dolls, So, Mattel does plan an AA Stacie sometime in 2018. I guess I should add those pictures to my post. So look for the update!

dbg of BDE, I too am not a fan of this body.I do think when Mattel release their version it will be $20 and have bent arms which I hate!

Millicent, thanks I will be featuring her in my doll play from now on!

Phyllis said...

The Stacie clone is really quite cute! The adult doll is not quite as cute, but I would get the set to get the Stacie clone! The Barbie Baby Sitters Inc are Skipper and friends. I have seen a few on Flickr already from Australia and on eBay from sellers in Australia. The prices would be so bad if the shipping wasn't so high! Somebody on Flickr said they were on Amazon, but sold out in a matter of seconds! I keep looking for them to appear here.

april_n_paris said...

Well....for a little girl who doesn't have many toys...I doubt if they care if the doll is a real Barbie or a clone. She'll create a character around the doll which then becomes a little friend for her. I admire those collectors out there who buy the clones and rehab them to offer to children in shelters, hospitals or underprivileged homes. But even for the beginner collector, as you've pointed out, this is a way to get started on a collection, or even try out new skills in repainting or rerooting!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Phyllis and April!

Phyllis, I think so too! She really has a nice face. If I had found the doll by herself, I would have just purchased her. I have both and I will do something with both. Yeah I saw that about the Skipper's friends. They are starting to show up in the States now. So be on the lookout!

April, I sent some dolls to a lady last year that rehaps dolls. I will do so again in the spring!

Amaruq said...

The adult reminds me of the Lea sculpt.