Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Fashionista 43, Lacey Blue!

Hey Gang!

OK! Yes I did get her!  I had to go back home for the money!  I trying just to taken
enough money for what I'm suppose to buy.  Well, you can see how that is
working out! So this is her out of the box!

And like I said, I'm still not a fan of the bent arm thing!  She is not the
first Tall I purchased I also purchased 30 White and Pink Pizzazz.  She
was quickly re-bodied! I really like articulation!  Here is a picture of 30
(her name is Kay) that I am using for a set of stairs I'm selling!

This is a better picture taken with my digital camera!  My tablet is OK for some
photos but I still like using my digital for a better more steady shot.  I'm not so
steady taking pictures with the tablet!
The blue dress is paired with these shoes!
Other items in the pack are dress, extra camel bag and shoes teal shoes and a
short and top set!
Shoes and bag!
Shorts and top!
Back of the pack shows her in the other outfits and shows her number.
Close-up on the back.
The back also shows some other dolls that come with fashions!
The pink purse doesn't seem to go with either shoes. I do like the items separately. 
Top and shorts! It looks OK but
 the fabric on the tops seems kinda old.  Like mom's top but a young cut.
 The shorts are printed on denim with printed on details.
 The dress is cool and she does like wearing it!
Her hair  is blonde with nice chunky caramel sections in it.
Her hair doesn't have as much curl as it does on the package!  I might have to
try boil curls to get that look!

Package curl photo.
BTW, the newer Goddess head has a more square jawline than the older Goddess head.
New Goddess...Older Goddess!
Although I thought it might be nice to have a taller doll in my collection, I had
considered getting the 29 and doing a head swap,  the need to have her articulated
won out! Here she is with some cool and and black shoes added to the dress to
give a little different look!
I think this is a Summer doll body!

OK, Thanks For Looking!


Phyllis said...

You are so much like me -- gotta have that articulation. I rebodied some of my tall girls on Pivotal bodies since they are taller than the original bodies. I will have to take some picutures soon and post them!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comment Phyllis! Yes, I do need articulation! I don't have any extra pivotal bodies. I only have one pivotal doll! But if I did, that is what I would have done. Please post pictures of your hybrid dolls!

MissSpottyJane said...

Congrats on the new girl! I also often carry cash to keep myself from spending on dolls. It doesn't work very well for me, either.

Muff said...

I bet if they came out with some articulated versions of the new body types people would go gaga for them. I saw one with the curvy body and thought it looked fab, but it's probably just for promo.

Georgia Girl said...

I wish that Mattel would listen to us and make more articulated dolls. I know of only one person who does not like articulation. Lol! The rest of us would go goo goo and gaga (as Muff stated). Sigh...

Farrah Lily said...

Lovely new dolls, Ms. Leo! This is the first time I've seen photos of this new girl and she's beautiful. I love articulation as well, but it's also hard to give up the "tall feature", lol. Have fun with her. :)