Monday, April 20, 2015

New Dolls, Redbodies And Some Comparisons

Hey Gang!

Here are some new dolls, rebodies and some comparisons.  So I saw this doll on
Vanessa's  blog.  I thought she was soo cute!  Vanessa is right!  I haven't seen a
dark complexion Chelsea. When I saw her in person I saw that the body was
painted.  Bummer!

Image by Mattel

She was rebodied on a SIS Courtney body.
Her names is Tempestt with two t's so we call her TT!

This is her mom Linnit!
Linnit:  Hi!
She is a Fashionista Barbie!  

Image by Mattel

She is a Fashionista Barbie doll.  I showed you her clothes on Marti.

Marti: Hi.

I had to rebody her because I could  work with the bent arm thing!

 S.I.S. Baby Phat Chandra Rocawear Barbie
Image by Mattel

Image by Mattel
I could never understand why they use bent armed bodies.

The original body is a little smaller than the SIS doll body.
She has a great face with two tone hair that can only be seen from the back!
She is much better on this body.
They look great together!
TT:  Mommy I love your hair.
This is Linnit's brother Tyrone!
He spoils TT and she knows it!
Tyrone:  I don't spoil I?
Linnit: Yes you do!
They are close as bother and sister too!
Having an uncle helps because her father is not around!
Family Photo!
Finally is another rebody.  There has been a lot of talk about the new Fashionista
doll with the pale Desiree face but there has been few Desiree dolls with a dark face!
A while back I purchased a Barbie I Can Be A Cheerleader Doll Set because there
was a dark Desiree face. Barbie I Can Be A Cheerleader Doll Set
                                                                     Image by Mattel
The dolls are called Nikkie and Grace.  I think Nikkie is the dark one.
She is on a Barbie So In Style S.I.S. Rocawear Kara Doll body!
Head swap!
The only other doll that comes close is this one!  The head isn't blown up like
many of the other balloon head dolls. One of my first post was headsculpts together.

OK, Thanks For Looking!


Ladonna Russell said...

I just showed my son your pic of the truck. I think i got it when he was 8-10yrs old. I want to rebody my dolls.

Phyllis said...

Ms. Leo, some really great additions to your collection. I love the little dark skinned Chelsea but can't believe Mattel molded on her clothing. Lame! She looks cute on the SIS Courtney body. I also got the dark skinned Fashionista Barbie with the Goddess face sculpt. She is so pretty. I stocked up on all of the Baby Phat SIS dolls so I could have all the various skin tones. This one got a Chandra body like yours! Linnit's brother Tyrone is very handsome. Nice that he spends so much time with TT. I have seen those chearleader dolls, but was not interested in them as I got the new Grace and Nikki Style dolls with the jointed ankles. In the Style dolls, Grace is the darker one and Nikki is the lighter one. I really like the option of them being able to wear flats.

The grandmommy said...

All great improvements! I love the shot with both of them holding TT's hand!

Farrah Lily said...

Hi Ms. Leo. Adorable little dark-skinned Chelsea! I actually saw one in Target the other day and almost grabbed her but the painted on clothing put me off. I didn't even think of putting her on a new body..great idea! I am also dying to add Resort Style Grace to my collection as well. She's one of the prettiest Barbie's I've ever seen. Great new dolls and fixes to your collection. Tyrone is a hunk! ;)

RoxanneRoxanne said...

Great headswaps! TT and Linnit are really cute together. I'm glad that TT has her uncle around, and they all make a cute family.

Georgia Girl said...

I also purchased the Chelsea doll and your post gave me ideas to rebody her. She is such a cutie! I also plan to rebody the new fashionistas on Chandra's body. She is really pretty in my opinion. Tyrone is hot!!! I was like ooh I need him in my dolly world! Lol!! Very nice post!

D7ana said...

Congrats on your new dolls! Linnit looks gorgeous and I much prefer your outfit on her than the one Mattel gave her.

Your Tyrone is Frank in my doll world. Good re-bodying for your dark Chelsea.

Brini said...

I see you are over there having a great time. Love all the new additions too!

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Chelsea is adorable. Glad you rebodied her. I like Linnit too. You've created a very lovely family here.


Muff said...

Love all the additions! I don't think I've ever seen a dark skin Nikki in the stores before.

Vanessa said...

I love all the new additions. Linnit is very pretty. I've never understood the bent arm thing either. In my opinion, all the Chelsea and Darrin bodies are horrible. Even the ones without painted clothes has such limited range of motion compared to the SIS bodies. I'm glad I had extra bodies. Even if that doll didn't have the painted ballerina outfit, I would have rebodied her. I am holding on to that ballerina outfit for any future dance recitals. Nice to see the dark skinned Desiree doll.

Dollz4Moi said...

I love the little ballerina and picked her when I found her on clearance. I haven't freed her from her box yet because I have to locate a body for her. I think I'd like her to be on a shorter Kelly body.

I think I used Kara for my cheerleader too. Love the rebodies :O)

Carrickters said...

She has such a cute face. I must admit I tend not to look very closely at dolls once I've seen they have a painted plastic bodice because I really do not like them.

Jewell said...

Great job on the rebodies...they all look great. Is Tyrone a recent purchase? He's been on my wishlist for months- reminds me of an old boyfriend LOL

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Ladonna Russell, Phyllis, The grandmommy, Farrah Lily, RoxanneRoxanne, Georgia Girl, D7ana, Brini, dbg of BDE, Muff, Vanessa, Dollz4Moi and Carrickters!

Ladonna Russell, I hope your son liked the photo! I wish I could rebody all my dolls. Find dolls with the right complexion makes is hard.

Phylliss, Georgia Girl and Farrah Lily,I have rebodied a lot of dolls. It is the first thing I think about. I was surprised to see the Fashionista Barbie with the Goddess face sculpt. I want to see the Resort Style Grace in person. Yeah, Tyrone is a hunk!

RoxanneRoxanne and The grandmommy, I believe it is important for other man to play a roll in a child's life when the father is absent. Thank goodness for uncles, brothers grandfather and others who help out.

The grandmommy,
It was fun taking the photos!

D7ana, I didn't think the outfit worked for Linnit either! I hope to see more of your Frank!

Brini and dbg of BDE, I like the way they turned out! I'm glad I did it!

Muff, this type of doll (Cheerleader set) has been done a few time. Once with the Fashion fever Nikki head but this was the first dark one!

Vanessa, it wasn't until you mention in one of your post the body difference with those dolls that I really noticed! You take more pictures than I do and figured that out! I will keep the tutu too!

Dollz4Moi, Free That Girl! I got her on clearance too but I didn't think it was a big discount. I would love to see her when you rebody your Chelsea! I did get a few Kara bodies to have around.

Carrickters, Some doll faces are so rare that you can't let yourself be put off by something you can change. By the time you think you could change it, they aren't available.

Jewell, Tyrone isn't knew I got him a year or two ago! I haven't see many knew PowerTeams but I'm always looking!