Monday, December 8, 2014

The challenge!

Hey Gang!

I want to work on stories with the Laurent family! I have been trying to get
them all articulated to make story telling easier.  Most of them are now on
articulated bodies but one!  Steven!

I have been trying to find an articulated body for my Steven doll.  He is one of
the older versions of Steven with the “Philly Fade” (that was one of the reasons
I purchased him) Splash 'n Color StevenThe older dolls are darker.  The only
doll coming close in complexion is the AA convention male. Yeah, I want him too!

As time when on it seems, Steven got lighter and that is about the 
time when Mattel started to make articulated male dolls.   
It seems I am going to have a hard time finding him a body
close to his complexion.

Without his shirt, you can see he has one of the older bodies but not the
one with the gift giving arms.

Here is Steve with Darren and Tre.

As you can see he is closer in complexion to Tre' but Tre'
 has a swivel neck knob.  The Steven head will not fit. 

Darren is much lighter that Steven…
but darker than Toure’ who is on the prince and the pauper body
Prince and Pauper AA doll

So for now he is on a Darrin body until I can find him one closer in 

I do like the height this body give him.  It makes him look mature but not old. 
It works well with how I see his style.  BTW, this is the tux with the pink shirt.
It has be altered.

Ok, Thanks For Looking!


The grandmommy said...

Well, one thing for sure they will be doll stories with the beautiful people!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, and handsome guys! I like the couple very much :-)

BlackKitty said...

He looks great! The colour difference is barely noticeable in your photos.

jSarie said...

He looks great!

It's always interesting to hear people's body-swapping experiences - I love knowing which are size and colour compatible.

Georgia Girl said...

The suit looks great minus the pink. I have the same problem with finding a body for my Steven dolls. If you ever find a match, please share

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments The grandmommy, Night Owl, Black Kitty, jSarie and Georgia Girl.

The grandmommy, I hope to do more stories in 2015!

Night Owl, unfortunately I don't own the couple at the top! I would love to have that male but he is out of my price range.

Black Kitty, jSarie and Georgia Girl, The color match looks better in pictures than in person. I'm OK for now but I'm still looking!

Georgia Girl, I plan on using the pink shirt for the pink plaid tux...maybe.

Onyyx said...

Hi. I have followed your blog for some years, but only gush and love dolls and never have anything really relevant to comment. But now I wonder if you would consider modding your Steven neck:

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: fabulous couple. Great makeover. Nice pictures. Keep in touch

D7ana said...

We share a wish List item: I would like that AA Convention Ken someday, too ;-)

I wish you good luck finding a new body for your Steven.

Have you considered a Power Team body? If you have any duplicate face ones ....

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Onyyx, Marta and D7ana.

Onyyx, That might be interesting.

Marta and D7ana, I wish I owned that couple! Maybe one day.