Friday, December 19, 2014


Hey Gang!

I purchased more Disney dolls.  I purchased a new Belle doll.  She and my new
Jasmine ( Indira)  were a great deal on eBay.  I didn’t really think I needed
another Belle doll but I’m glad I got her. 

The newer version is a Holiday issue doll.

She isn’t brand new. She is a newer version of the older doll.  This version of the 
doll is  much better than my older doll.  My older doll was purchase at a thrift 
store and she had on a Pocahontas dress. 

Both of my versions of the doll have been re-bodied! My new doll is now on
a Fashionista body. Let's look in the book!

Here is the book!

So I’m not sure when my older doll came out So I consulted my 30 Years 
Mattel Fashion Dolls book.   

         I think it is the 1992 Beauty and the Beast Gift set version of the doll.
 The beast was with her when I got her.
Here she is beside her picture in the book. Both of my dolls are by Mattel, having similar but different head sculpts.  The older version of the doll has more of cartoonish.  Her eyes are hazel and there are stars painted in her eyes. Her lips are a soft pink. Her hair is a medium brown and thicker than most dolls.  It had never been smooth or shiny.  Only the strongest of De-tangling shampoo had made it able to be combed.

The newer version uses one of the older head sculpts but the complexion is
lighter and the hair is a better quality.The eyes are green and not hazel.

I am not a fan of the newest versions of the doll I used this one for Tammy's
mom because I new I knew I was going to make her a main character.  So she
would not be staying. 

Here they are side by side! 

I'm naming her Wendy!

I am not sure if I am keeping the older version of the doll. 
I may just keep the head around for a while.

OK, Thanks For Looking!


Anonymous said...

The newer version has lovely hair, but I like the face of the old doll very much, she has a sweet expression. The book is very interesting!

Phyllis said...

Wendy is very pretty! Her hair is definitely better that the older version. She looks good on that Fashionista body! I am sure she appreciated getting it very much.

The grandmommy said...

The new one looks great with that body!

jSarie said...

Love seeing the photos dolls alongside the book photos - that book must be a great reference to have around! It's interesting to hear about the differences between the versions as well.

Carrickters said...

Wendy is very pretty and her complexion tones perfectly with the Fashionista body. She looks good in jeans too.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: fabulous new doll, She is very pretty, I like her in the new body. It is perfect. Keep in touch

D7ana said...

Congrats on your eBay doll - she's got lovely coloring. I just wonder why her eye color changed. Shrug.

Applause for the 30 Years of Mattel Dolls; I have to get that one someday ;-)

limbe dolls said...

I love Belle in almost all of her editions. I have been looking for the one you feature here for a while because I really like her dress. Just waiting for the right price on eBay. I like her very much as Wendy.

I also like your Prettie Girls ad. How did you get that on your blog? I have been reluctant to allow ads on my blog because they never seem to be for anything I would buy but I would love to promote the Prettie Girls.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Night Owl, Phyllis, The grandmommy, jSarie, Carrickters, Marta, D7ana and limbe dolls!

Night Owl, jSarie and D7ana, This book was one of my best purchases. I got it from Borders before they when out of business. They had a great Barbie book collection. I am only sorry that I only got one book.

Night Owl, Now that you say it, I'm going to have to give her a second look. Thanks for give your opinion.

Phyllis and The grandmommy, She seemed like a new doll when she got her new body. She was walking around posing and looking at herself in the mirror.

jSarie, It is hard to believe that there were two head sculpts out at the same time. The only way to really notice the difference is side by side.

Carricters and Marta, The fashionista body working is luck. There are limited complexions in fashionista articulated bodies. I was really hope for more articulated bodies but no luck!

D7ana, There are so many doll mysteries that I can't keep up! Sadly there is no one to answer either.

limbe dolls, Keep searching, one will come along! The dress is nice! Not like many of the plastic and fabric dress that they sometimes do. As for the ad, I have do control over what is put up. It changes too! I was hoping to get some money but I haven't earned enough to be cut a check. I don't think many others have either. Shrug!

Barb the Evil Genius said...

So late to this post, but I have the same Belle doll in the red dress that you do. She was produced in conjunction with the Christmas Beauty and the Beast movie that was a direct-to-video release. A couple of ebay auctions have the doll being produced in 1997. You did a great job rebodying and redressing her.