Friday, January 24, 2014

Back To St. Malcolm!

Hey Gang,

If the weather there is as bad as it is here, you like me need a little get away.
So, let's go to St. Malcolm for a few.  It is a balmy 88 degrees, you will
hear the sound of the ocean and steel drums.

Jasper Nealson is  a daredevil, animal activist, animal rescuer and new writer.
He is trying to to capture on film some of his underwater adventures
to turn into segment that he can shopper round as a TV pilot on animal adventure.

Jasper: This is fascinating!
He is diving off the coast of the island of Meana near St. Malcolm when he get a
radio call.
( in a nasal tone)
Myrtle: Jasper this is Myrtle can you hear me? over

Jasper didn't know that Myrtle had attached the radio to his equipment.
Jasper:  Unfortunately I can Myrtle!  You connected a radio to the
equipment?   I am trying to capture the beauty of this coral reef.
Can't I get a little peace?

Myrtle:  No,... and you didn't say over!  We have to be able to reach you in
an emergency!  I just got a call from rescue about an injured penguin
on the island of St. Malcolm! Over.
If you read this post anywhere other than

It is a fake!!! Run!!

Jasper: I didn't hear you correctly... it must be this dang equipment!

What...You don't get penguin out here... they must be mistaken! Oh yeah ...over.

Myrtle:  They said it is a penguin and it is in pretty bad shape.  Rescue
wants to know if you can go over.  They are sending a
copper. Over!
Jasper:  I'll go...I don't need a chopper.  Tell them to cancel it.  I'll windsurf over!
Tell them I'm going to head out. Over.

Myrtle:  I'll guest you will be able to fit you medical bag on the surfboard? 

Jasper: Yep!
Myrtle:  Oh by the way, shark number 157A is in the area.  His tracker
just showed up on the screen.

Jasper: Number 157A?  What is Dick Cheney doing here? He is a long
distance from home.  He should be off the Cape of Good Hope.

Myrtle:  Uh...I don't think anyone but you will find calling
number 157A Dick Cheney funny.

Jasper: True...

Myrtle:  And your daughter Tori is here too!

Jasper: WOW!  Dick Cheney  and Tori together!

Tori: I heard that Dad!  (Laughter from both father and daughter)

Operator:  Mrs. Laurent, can you wait there until he arrives.  We don't want
anything to happen to the penguin until he gets there.  He will be windsurfing over
in 10 minutes.

Windsurfing... Oh My!  I'll send Winston to meet him at the dock.

Can you send Winston to meet the rescuer at the dock in 10 minutes?
Right away!                                 

Jasper: You got to love this place!  The sea and the beauty!

 Jasper: OK there is the dock!

Jasper: I going to head over by the stairs!

Winston heads down the beach and over to the dock.

Winston:   So rescue mon comin' to help the penguin!  I should be able to see
him from the dock.


Winston:  I can believe it! Him surfing in!

Winston:  I guess dat why him a rescue mon.

Jasper pulls up on his board and steps onto the beach.

Winston: You mus' be Dr. Nealson.
Jasper: Call me Jasper!

Winston: OK, Jasper! Mrs. Laurent she be down the beach with the animal.  I take you over.

Oh, here they come!

Here he is!  Here is the penguin!
Jasper:  So it is a penguin?


Jasper:  Poor little fellow.  How did is happen?

He looks at the penguin.

I think it may have been done by that shark! I saw it out there.

Jasper:  No that's not a shark bite. And that shark out there is
number 157A.  I call him  Dick Cheyenne.  He had heart problems as a
young shark, he is missing vision in one eye and he is just about five feet.
He is a little small.  He was probably drawn by the blood in the water.
I've been tracking him for two weeks.  That looks more like a boating injury.
I'm going to call for a rescue vac.  I will have them come back for Dick Cheyenne
too. He really needs better care.

OK, Thanks For Looking!


The grandmommy said...

You are too ridiculously funny with your story!LOL I love your backgrounds and his diving outfit!!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: Sharks! I have fear. Great aquatic photos. Pretty pictures on the beach. Keep in touch

Muff said...

Extremely well done and great use of background photos. *clap clap clap*

D7ana said...

Love the underwater scene and the beach scenes. Sigh.

If you are in Philly now, you know how un-beachy the weather is. Usually I am NOT a beach gal, but looking at the sun and sand in your photos, has me longing to be at a beach.

Away from the snow and ice. Away.

Thanks for this trip away ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi, ooowww, wish it was summer... Great backgrounds and story!

Vanessa said...

Awesome! I loved the story, the humor, and the great photos. By the way, did you get my emails?

Carrickters said...

Great story - although I don't need to be warmed up - a week ago we had four days above 44C (about 106/107F) and next week we have a few 39C days (that's around 100F). I've been looking at everyone's snow and ice pictures to cool down. I hope your poor little penguin survives.

Christopher Early said...

That was a funny story! I love all the photos too, especially the ones with Jasper under the sea. Quite beautiful.

Anderson's All-Purpose said...

Well, I thought calling him Dick Cheney was a little bit funny at least... :) Also: poor penguin!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments The grandmommy, Marta,Muff,
D7ana, Nymphaea, Vanessa, Carrickters, Christopher Early and Anderson's All-Purpose!

I have learned a new trick kinda...I can use some old photos in new stories and save on picture taking! The under water shots were taken on my bed with a picture I printed out off the net. The smaller version of Jasper is a doll the can with some animals like the shark I purchased. As you might remember the larger Jasper is a doll I got from the thrift store. I'll have to add his label.

Welcome to my blog Christopher Early and Nymphaea! Glad you like the backgrounds.

Muff, claps from you is high praise! Thanks!

Carrickters and D7ana if only we could switch. D7ana and I could send you some snow and you could send us some heat!

The grandmommy, Marta, Vanessa and Anderson's All-Purpose!
I glad you found it funny! I know not everyone would!