Sunday, August 11, 2013

Five Lovely Ladies In New Dresses!

Hey Gang!

I purchase some dresses on the web and wanted to show them to you.. 
Yes, I probable could have made them but they were cheap and I needed 
a doll fix so I got them!  Now with her coloring, KiK could have showed 
all of them but that is not her way.  She thought that everyone, especially 
Ms. D should wear one. So on with the show!

First, Ms. KiKi
KiKi: This is a cute little number that I will definitely carry in Laurent's 
Heritage. You can wear it in the summer at the beach or out to dinner.  
In the spring, fall and winter it can be layered with a
sweater, jacket or pants! ....

 and gold shoes makes a statement!
Shelly: OK, Green in green....get it! Well, any way I'm wearing the green dress.
It works well with my coloring.
 Shelly I agree with KiKi.  It works well layered.
Hey gang, since this is the first time you really hear Lola speak, you really hear
to Brazilian accent. Insert you imagination here!

Lola: The playful colors and bold print of the dress reflect my fashion sense.
 My husband will love me in this dress!
Liz: Well hello there!  I'm Liz!
Ms. Leo:  I haven't posted Liz since the real Liz died!  I think that was one
of my better dios and photos.  I have re-bodied her! She will take up her role
as the area drama queen!
Liz: I'm not a drama queen!  I just know what I want and expect to get it.
Anyway this dresses colors bring out the purple in my eyes!
The deep color against my pale skin really work well!
 and oh yes, I can now pose!
Ms. D: Of course I am the finale!  Wait... was that three photos she got

Ms. Leo: Well, is her coming out!

Ms. D: Hmmph!  I'm wearing the pink and brown.  This is one of my favorite
color combos!
 This dress is great for a wedding or social function!

OK! Group Photo!

Ms. D: Shelly honey, if you just drop your chin a little, you will photograph much 

Shelly: Oh yes, you are soo right!

Liz:: If you know soo much then why don't you know that your hair is sticking up!

Ms. D straightens her hair and says...
Ms. D: I know I'm the main character in this blog and I can make sure you face
isn't on it!
Liz: Really!
Ms. D:  No one wants to see your big head anyway!
Shelly: Yeah! Tell her D!
Liz:: Get your hand out of my face..or ...
Ms. D: Or what? You'll have black and blue to go with those purple eyes!
KiKi: Oh my!
Lola is forever the peacemaker!
Lola: Can't we all just get along!
I think we will cut away now!  I think this is getting pretty ugly!  

OK, Thanks For Looking!


The grandmommy said...

The style may have been easy to sew but the fabrics are what really set them off. All of them are pretty

Georgia Girl said...

Love your new fashions. The models are wearing them well.

Happy Sunday to you!

V. said...

Love the fabrics, they suit the girls very well :)

limbe dolls said...

It was good to see your Liz Taylor again. All the ladies look lovely.

Vanessa said...

Very cute dresses. Love the fabric choices. Uh oh, Ms. D is about to take a few of the other ladies out.

Heather said...

These all look great!

MajorMistakes said...

I really like how you give each doll a dress, which compliments her beauty. My fav are Kiki's and the gree one, but all of them look really neat.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments The grandmommy, Georgia Girl, V., limbe dolls, Vanessa, Heather, and MajorMistakes!

The grandmommy, Yes, you are right! I don't think that there is an 1/8 of a yard of material in any of the dresses. 1/8 is normally the smallest cut, if that, you can get in a fabric store. So if I purchased the material for any of the dresses, I would have to figure out what to do with the rest of the material. Yes, it was worth it!

Georgia Girl, It was fun dressing them up. Happy Tuesday to you!

V. I had a model change just before I took the pictures! I knew that KiKi would wear that dress and Ms. D would wear her dress. The other model choices came more slowly!

limbe dolls, I think a few of them are patterns your dolls might like!

Vanessa, You know Ms. D. doesn't play! I looked at the seller other items, I choose the best one!

Heather, Thanks!

MajorMistakes, Thanks! I like them too. I like the way the darker color dress work well with the paler complexioned dolls!

D7ana said...

Congrats to your ladies on getting their new dresses!

Ms. D is a card, lol. She looks like she's about to slap someone and did she pull out some of Lola's hair. Tsk, tsk. Well, I will be careful what I say or else Ms. D might make her way over here to give me an earful.