Thursday, March 21, 2013

What I 've Been Up To!

Hey Gang!

I am almost caught up at work.  I should be there by Monday.  I hope to get some really good play time in then.

I did want to tell you what I have been up to on the dolly front.  OK, once I decided that I wanted to have articulated bodies for my doll, I could see the cost would be a factor.  I have been slowly purchasing bodies when I can get a good price.  I know that replacing the bodies on my AA dolls will cost the most because of the variety of complexions needed and the amount of AA articulated dolls out there to be donors.  My other dolls will be all changed out way before my AA dolls will be completed.

I purchase the last of the Power Team guys from Big Lot.  I had some of the power team guys with the large hands that I needed to swap out.  

To some, the big hands may not be an issue but for me they are.  Most of my male clothing is Ken size clothing and the big hands won’t fit many of them.  My guys need to be able to share clothing around here.  I know I will be able to find skin tone hands for them later.  For now they can share the smaller hands I already own.

So who got changed out?

You remember Troy from my earlier post.  He was the first candidate.


I now you can't see the hands but there is a difference in the hands and the size of the chest for the larger hand action figures.

One of the things you not when your car is down and you are riding the bus is fashion trends.  The box hair cut is making a comeback.  Who would think it!

Next was Chaka Fattii.  I call him Chaka because I think he look like the actor (Henry Cele) in the Movie Shaka Zulu.   His last name is a play on the name of the local Congressman.

“There is no future without Shaka!”

You might remember seeing this guy in the Airport.  

He got changed out too.  
 He will be the father of a character you have seen.

Oh yeah and this guy!  

He will be one of the college campus hunks!

OK, this is the end of part one.

Thanks For Looking!


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I too am changing my dolls body. I want every body have articulated. Due to the high cost I am changing the body my favorite dolls. I like the changes you guys. Keep in touch

Muff said...

That last guy is so cute and he has such super wavy hair. I have not seen him around. Is he an older model?

william said...

I love the power team figures but they are so hard to come by now! the college hunk looks really cool!

V. said...

I'm doing like Marta: changing the bodies of my favourite dolls. I can only buy fashionistas once in a while and the problem is that even Raquelle isn't pale enough for some of my dolls...

Male Doll World said...

I did not like it when the Power Team figures came with the hands with gloves. The funny thing is that the figure that reminds you of Henry Cele reminds me of the character R.J. Gannon on One Life to Live.

Georgia Girl said...

You have a lot of good PT guys. I can never find them. Is changing out the hands easy. I have seen a couple I wouldn't mind having but they have the gloved hands.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Marta, Muff, William, V., Male World,and Georgia Girl!

Marta, I have done most of my favorite dolls except for many of the AA. I am working on the ones that I can find bodies for at the thrift store now.

Muff, He is older. I think he was the last one I got for under 10.00! I was lucky and one year I got 3 at Rite Aid for 7.00. I never saw them there again!

William, I can only find them at Big Lots now! Kay Bee would sometimes have them too but they went out of business. They are worth keeping an eye out for!

V., I use the older Disney Mulan for some of my paler dolls. She is becoming hard to find too! I got some great sales on articulated bodies and got a few from the thrift store too. That helped me alot!

Male Doll World, I had to look up R.J. Gannon on One Life to Live. I don't get a change to watch the soaps anymore. I can see what you mean. He looks like him too.

The hands with the glove or the painted on glove aren't what I want but I'll take them over the large hands or only being left with AA ken dolls only.

Georgia Girl, the gloved hands change out very easily! The large hands can't be changed that I know of. If you have one doll with regular hand of the same complexion, it isn't a problem. The heads changing is a little harder but not as hard as Barbies.

I will have to do like D7ana, and Vanessa and post my PT men!