Sunday, March 17, 2013


Hey Gang!
I'm back from the flower Show. I left with a clean desk and a mom taken to the hospital.  I spend my time between the show and the hospital.  Mom is home now and I came back to a ton of work at the new job and a few new employees!  Anyway, I enjoyed my self at the show.

There wasn't any dolly things at the show this year.  I had to hunt around in downtown Center City for my dolly fix and I hit my new favorite thrift store too.  I will show you what I got in my next post.  The scout troop I work with did very well at the show.  They entered 7 plants and got 5 ribbons.  They are thrilled! When I upload my Flower Show pictures I will let you know that too. 

I want to show you the highlight of this years flower show.  Visitors to the 2013 PHS Philadelphia Flower Show were invited to show off their own creativity in the new Make & Take Room.  Show guests  made a fabulous “fascinator” – an elegant floral headpiece -- to rival those seen at the royal wedding. For inspiration, the PHS social media team has assembled a Pinterest board (no longer up) on fascinators, including images of extraordinary chapeaus worn by celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Sarah Jessica Parker.  The cost was $10.00!  By the second Saturday of the show, the room had made 40,000.00!  I took a few pictures of ones that I saw.  There were many more fabulous ones there!

This was the first one I saw.  As you walked the floor you saw many women and girls with them on.  It created a buzz! You could use live of artificial flowers. Your only limit was your imagination!

 This is my sister.  She work the Make & Take room most of the show.  She coordinated her fascinator with what she wore everyday.
How do you like this one!
 My friend Holly has her on and a corsage on her wrist too.  We met this lady on the show floor with her's on and took this picture.  
 This one was great too!
 I just loved this one on her!  I took her picture with the queen.
 This one is made from all plant material!

Thanks for looking!
Ms. Leo


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I'm happy to see you again after the Feris of flowers. I hope you had a lot of success and fun. Nice pictures. Keep in touch

limbe dolls said...

Wow! There was a big flower show here in Atlanta this weekend too but I didn't go. I went to the American Craft Council show next door. Next year I might have to do both. The fascinators are stunning!

Male Doll World said...

Great flower pieces.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Welcome back, Ms. Leo. It looks like you had a wonderful time. Love those fascinators. You'll have to fashion one or two for your playscale ladies.

I'm glad your mom is home and hope she is doing better.


Georgia Girl said...

Great having you back Ms Leo!

I hope your Mom is feeling better.

The fascinators are very nice. This was my favorite part of the royal wedding. I agre with Debbie, I would love to see some created for your 1/6 scale divas.

Muff said...

I'm allergic so I wouldn't get in 10 feet of that place, but all those hats are awesome.

Welcome back.

Carrickters said...

What a lot of fun your flower show must have been. The fascinators look wonderful, no wonder the room was so busy. How your mum is better.

Brini said...

I love them, I love them, I love them!! Of course I love the purple ones but the one your sister wear and the last one are the bomb diggity! When you posted you were going I just had to do a tribute to you. My father would so love you. He loved to garden, that's why Mr. Dotson does. We used to have beautiful flower all around the house. I'm glad you had a good time. I wish your mother a speedy recovery. Enjoy that new job too. I'm hoping my son's blessing are coming too!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Marta, limbe dolls, Male Doll World, dbg of BDE, Georgia Girl, Muff, Carrickters and Brini! I guess my dolls do need fascinators!

Marta, I had a wonderful time at the show. I only show a few of the pictures but hope to show more soon.

limbe dolls, You should go to both next time and share pictures with all of us!!

Male doll world, Thanks, I'm glad you liked them.

dbg of BDE, I was worried about her for a moment but Big Leo is doing better. I'm the only one who calls her that. She prefers the shorter version of Lee.

I think we all should try to make fascinators for our dolls and post pictures!

Georgia Girl, I'm glad to be back blogging! I thought I would catch up with some reading during the show but my mom got sick and I spent a lot of time at the hospital. I hope to do that now.

Dido to you as with Debby on the fascinators!

Muff, The whole show smells like flowers so that would not be good for you but you could do the wine and spirit tasting!;) I don't even want to tell you how many times I was there.

Carrickters, People really got a chance to show their on creativity! Some were really quite special!

Brini, I will keep your son in my prayers! I so love Mr. Dotson and would have loved to invite him to the show! How wonderful to have a character inspired by your dad!