Friday, February 8, 2013

My New Power Team Guys!

When I saw that there were AA action figures in Big Lot's, I had to get some even if it means PB&;J for lunch for a while.  There were a few there but only four that I didn't already have.  So here are the guys I purchase while there.  

I got these two

 and these two!
More close-ups

Let's look at them out of the box,

I originally thought these guys were the same. As you can tell form the picture they are different.  

  When I realized they were different, I knew I needed to have them both.  The one on the left is older and I have had him for many years.  I call him Troy.  My new guy( in black)  seems to have more of an edge.  I don't have a name for the new guy but I do think they are brothers.

I think this guy is a darken version of this guy.  The hair and eyes are different but I think they are the same.

.  They don't have names or s story-line for them yet either.  I hope to do that soon.

This guy has a young face.  I think I am going to call him Gaffrey.  I have redressed him and have a story-line that I will share with you all soon.  

This guy looks similar too! 

This guys (in the middle is my new guy) looks similar to the one which I already have but I purchase him anyway.  I think that they looked the same because they all look very confident look in the eyes.  Up close they do look different.

The on the right is Shaka.  He looks like the actor in the movie Shaka Zulu in the movie !  The other two don't have names or stories.

OK, Thanks For Looking!


Georgia Girl said...

Nice post. Ooh la la! I am going to Big Lots tomorrow! Lol! I really like these faces.

Tracy India said...

Congrats! I seriously doubt I will find AA figures in my area of Southern Cali, kind of a downer. But...maybe they will start appearing on eBay.

I like the young version that you redressed. He reminds me of that actor/character from the Cooley High, minus eyeglasses. :)

I have Troy's brother, I call him Miles. Very nice haul.

Ken Payseur said...

I was looking at the left-over-from-Christmas Power Team guys at Big Lots the other day too.Found quite a few but they all had the gloved hands (which I don't care for), so I ended up not buying anything. I've often wondered if some of these companies that sell loose body part for 1/6 action figures might sell hands that would fit Power Team...

limbe dolls said...

O.k., I'm running to Big Lots to get the brother with the goatee! I have the other ones. Thanks for letting us know African American Power Team figures are available again.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

OM goodness! My mouth is watering for these new guys. I just went to Big Lots here last week looking for a soft doll for a newborn baby and hoped to see some new dark-skinned Power Team figures, but they had none in any complexion. I so hope we get those down here. I want them all!

Congratulations and thanks for sharing!


Vanessa said...

Yippee!!! I'm too tired to run to Big Lots, but I really think I have to make that run. I can be tired tomorrow. You have quite a few that I need! I sure hope one of the 3 BL, I plan on hitting will have some.

Thanks for the post. I hear you about the PB&J. We learned our lesson about not getting these guys when we see them. Gloves or not.

Muff said...

Black dudes! Finally! Thanks for letting us know, Ms. Leo. Now I just need them to have a 20% off sale and I'm there!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I envy! I love your collection of guys. They are very interesting. Keep in touch

Carrickters said...

I'm with Marta on this - I envy your collection. These guys are not available here as far as I know (we have a serious dearth of male dolls) and I love the different faces.

D7ana said...

Congratulations on your great finds! Love the Power Team guys. They have unique faces ;-)

nykole said...

They never have these where I live, but I'm storming every BIG LOTS tomorrow until I find at least one
:-) BIG LOTS is going to find out what crazed doll collectors will do for a black man*o* nyw

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Georgia Girl, Tracy India, Ken Payseur, limbe dolls, dbg of BDE, Vanessa, Muff, Marta, Carrickters, D7and and nykole! I am glad so many of my viewers like them.

I am sorry it took me so long to respond to your posts!

Ken Payseur and nykole, Welcome to my blog!

Georgia Girl, limbe dolls and Vanessa, I hope you all are able to find these guys in Georgia! The AA guys weren't her at Christmas time I was glad that I found them now when I was shopping just for me!

Tracy India, He does sorta! I like the honest look of him.

Ken Payseur, I do think that many of those hands will fit. I will buy these guys knowing I will find hands later. It the meantime they can share hands with my other PT guys. I need to replace the bodies for many of my PT guys who have the large hands. I would buy this with the gloved hand to to that.

dbg of BDE, I was suprised to see them there. BL normally doesn't buy action figures past Christmas. Maybe they were on back order.

Muff, AA action figures are an rare commodity! You can't always wait for a sale or you will miss out. I say get one or twon now if you can.

Marta and Carrickters, I am sorry you don't have them in countries.

D7ana, Yes they do have unique faces! How is it that they do it and Mattel. Does the same face foreverrrr!

nykole, You go nykole! Give the hell!