Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fat Tuesday Is Almost Over!

Hey guys, Fat Tuesday is almost over! I hope you
all made a great day of it! I had a pretty good day of

This young lady here is Tootsie! She is the only doll
my husband has ever purchased for me! He got her
while making a side trip to New Orleans while
at a base in Shreveport.

Not the best picture but it is an older picture!

Here she is ready for Mardi Gras!

She has a porcelain head along with her arms and
legs. Her body is stuffed. She is only only porcelain
doll I own.

Tootsie: You got to show me your steps to get some beads!

Her hands

Her back and

Her feet!

OK! Thanks For Looking.

One last time until next year: Laissez

Le Bon Temp Rouler!


RagingMoon1987 said...

She's cute!

Muff said...

The only doll he purchased? Were you not a big collector during the time he bought this or he considers dolls your thing?

Are those real bells on her? She looks like she jingles!

limbe dolls said...

Thanks for remembering Mardi Gras. I was feeling homesick for New Orleans but didn't have any Mardi Gras themed dolls to post about. Tootsie is a very neat doll.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain, your husband gives you a nice gift. Tootsie is very original. Very cool. Keep in touch

Sarai said...

Que original¡y que gran colorido¡ felicidades¡ un saludo

Brini said...

You know she can always come to Dotsville!! She a pretty doll.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments RagingMoon1987, Muff, limbe dolls, Marta, Sarai and Brini!

RagingMoon1987, Thanks! I am glad you like her.

Muff, Yes, those bells are real with a cute jingle to them. And, no, he is not a fan of the dolls but I have them anyway!

limbe dolls, I am glad I could help you out! It sounds like you need a trip home.

Marta, You are right! She is very different! I am glad you liked her. I will keep in touch.

Gracias Sarai! Ella lleva los colores del Mardi Gras! Ella es muy diferente.

Brini, Only for a quick visit! ;)