Monday, April 11, 2011

Having Technical difficulties!

Having Technical difficulties!

I am having some problems with the new format of my blog. For some reason it has started making everything double spaced. I tried to edit an old post and it made everthing double spaced. When I tried to fix it, everything really went screwy! The pictures disappeared and the wording was lost. I had to retake some of the pictures and re-type it all to finally fix it. It took me a whole day to straighten it out! %!#!!%@^ So I could do the photo shoot that I wanted. I only have this one picture that I took of both my Rees’s together to post. Sorry! I got the older Rees head from Tracy of Dolls and the City . Thanks Tracy!


Tracy India said...

Ms. Leo, she looks BEAUTIFUL! I'm sooo glad it worked out! I like the complexion of the body you used better than the grayish hue FR dolls tend to have. What body did you end up using? I was thinking S.I.S. Kara would work. Anyway, I love your result. :)

Dollz4Moi said...

I had that problem with the format on my last post. It drove me crazy..ARGH. Took 10 mins for me to get it straight.

Love Reese I have both as well. She's one of my fave DG's

Ms. Leo said...

I finally figure out the problem!