Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chen Want's Some Ice Cream!

Wanting Ice Cream!

It is the first warm night in early spring. Chen rides down
to Main Street to his favorite ice cream shop....Cindy's!
They have 57 flavors!

There is nothing like riding your motor cycle in the
spring too.

Unfortunately it is early spring and Cindy's is not open yet.

Bummer!!!Disappointed, Chen Rides home.

He will have to settle for ice cream from the market.


Tracy India said...

Ugh! I hate when that happens. LOL...What a cool looking character he is. He looks like a spy with his gear and motorcycle. You have such a cool eclectic collection of dolls.

Nice dio.

Matthew said...

I like your motorcycle. Over the years, I've collected a dirt bike, two mopeds, a quad and two bicycles.
I agree with Tracy. He is a cool looking character. Very odd.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Matthew, dolls and action figures gotto get around! they need to do it in style too!

Thanks Tracy. It really but when you are ready for something and then you can't have it! I piture Chen as a teacher in the Indiana Jones mold.

D7ana said...

Nice scene.

Shame about Cindy's being closed, but premium supermarket ice cream is good, too ;-D

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for the suggestion D7ana! I will tell him.