Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rare Mod Era Doll--Live Action Christie

Live Action Christie!

One of the rarest of the mod era dolls is Live Action
Christie. She and Live Action Barbie and PJ were released
in 1970/71. I bought her nude on EBay and was lucky to
win her. This is not her original outfit but something
that I like on her. As you might have guessed,
her original outfit was more "groovy".

She is one of the few other dolls to use the Midge
head mold besides P.J. and the only AA doll. She has very dark
skin(the darkest at that time) with terracotta lips stick. I
t gives her an interesting look. She has shoulder length
black hair that is parted down the center.
Her eyelashes are rooted and her
eyes are kind of orange/brown with black pupils.
I remember may black dolls having similar eye
coloring as a child.

Chandra for complexion scale.

She is called live action because of her jointed
hands and swivel waist. She has the feet of a
Francie doll.
Francie size feet.


Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Congratulations on winning the LAC auction. She and Malibu Christie are among my favorites from the vintage era.


D7ana said...

Wow, you are a lucky collector, Ms. Leo! Congratulations!

Thanks for showing side-by-side photos of your new Christie with Chandra. I love seeing how the sculpture has improved since the early dolls. More subtle, I think.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks BDE, I was lucky to get her. For me too, Malibu Christie is my other favorite that I don't have. I don't know if I will ever be able to afford a vintage Black Francie.

Thanks, D7ana. I do like showing dolls side by side. You get a real appreciation for them when you do that. You can't tell from the picture but Christie and Chandra side by side, Christie has more of a red undertone that Chandra. The complexion is close if I were going to switch bodies but I don't think I will.

Angela said...

Hi, Ms. Leo. I've enjoyed viewing your doll photos and reading the comments. I remember how thrilled I was to win a minty Malibu Christie on eBay nearly two years ago. When I was a tween (back when that word hadn't been invented), I was gifted with Malibu Christie one Christmas. Within a few years, I was forced to give up all of my dolls except for a few. Until adulthood, I missed that Malibu Christie doll. Now I have her back, and she's the pride of my vintage Barbie collection. I next want to acquire a vintage Live Action Christie, but, like you, so called "Black Francie" may be elusive. In the past few years, I haven't seen that doll sell for less than US$350.

Please keep up the excellent website! And ... Happy collecting!