Monday, July 12, 2010

Items From The Bag

Gown From The Bag!

Remember my trip to the antique store and my purchase of a large bag of Barbie clothes. Here is another gown from that bag.

This is the best item from the bag. My re-bodied No. 10 is modeling it. Her dramatic makeup sets the stage for the dress. It is a purple, silver and gold halter gown. The gown has a lilac lining with a sheer purple chiffon fabric that is embellished with silver and gold flowers and squares pattern. The waist sash and halter straps are silver lame'. She is not wearing jewelry. A gown like this need do additional embellishment. All that is needed is silver shoes and bag to complete the look. The gown has a Middle Eastern feel. Maybe she going to a ball at the U.N.

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