Sunday, August 18, 2019

AA Fashionista #130

Hey Gang!

I just got fashionista Ken #130!
I had to order this guy!  He came in the mail a few day ago! He uses the same head mold
as the Classic Cool 2018.
Classic Cool is an average Ken and this guy is on a slim body.
He he is out of the box!
He has a great shirt with net sleeves and the number f"4" on it.
He wears slim long light blue jeans and white sneakers. 
Close up!
Great brown eyes, full lips and and cornrows!
Yes, these are "cornrows"!
In some of the promo shots I saw earlier, the made him look made but he 
doesn't look like that in person!
He is one of the darkest Ken dolls /AA males that Mattel has done since Brad.
Brad is darker that many of the Steve/AA Ken dolls that followed.
Brad, Classic Cool Fashionista Ken, AA #130 Fashionista Ken, Flava Tre!
This picture doesn't reflect the size of the dolls. They are straight in the picture! 
Close up! 
 He is pretty close the IT older Tariq doll complexion!  Many of Tariq dolls had
issues with their bodies so I had some heads laying around.  With some trimming,
I was able to put Tariq's head on #130 body!

So he is now Tyson! I new teen in my crew!

Tyson: Sup!
 I also used embroidery thread to give him a braided individual reroot!
 So this is Chance!
Chance: Bonjour!

OK, Thanks For Looking!


kevin coper said...

nice to meet you admin, this is a nice day. I love your blog and they way you are writing.
By the way, i just started a new blog and my blog about baby and dolls thanks

Doll Clothes For Dolls said...

I found this doll on eBay. It is a pretty doll.

Male Doll World said...

Great reroot

AG Lanc said...

He looks good with the braids

april_n_paris said...

I LOVE, LOVE the braids!!!! Great transformation!!!!!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Kevin, My VDV, Male DW, AG Lanc and April!
Kevin and My VDV, Welcome to my blog! Glad you are enjoying it! I this this doll with start showing up in the stores now the we are heading into the Xmas season!

Male DW, AG Lanc and April, I am really happy with how he turned out! He kinda reminds me of Luka Sabbat! I will seek to give him that kinda vibe!