Saturday, September 2, 2017

2017 AA Holiday Barbie!

Hey Gang!

I just got AA Holiday Barbie 2017!

I think she looks like Nauri Naughton fro the TV show Power!

She uses the Harlem Theatre Madam Lavinia doll head sculpt. 

I think she might be a Fresh Doll body swap candidate! 
But for now I only have one first doll. 

So here she is out of the box!

I just love her face!
I borrowed a body from one of my other dolls for now!

OK, Thanks For Looking!


Muff said...

Wow, she looks smoking hot in her new outfit. I wasn't interested in this doll before, but seeing your body swap makes me want to keep an eye out for her when they go on clearance.

AG Lanc said...

She looks very good on that body!

Georgia Girl said...

She is beautiful!! I agree with you. She does resemble Nauri.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

She's a lovely doll. I like the way you dressed her.


april_n_paris said...

It does seem awfully early to be talking about "Holiday" dolls right now but she is certainly quite pretty! And I do agree, she does closely resemble Nauri. She also looks like the kind of doll that you will have lots of fun redressing!

Marles62 said...

She's a really pretty sculpt. How I wish she came articulated.

Jaye Frye said...

I really like this new 2017 Holiday Barbie. But I have to wait for her to be on clearance. I already have too many dolls to pay full price and not justify getting her.

D7ana said...

Congratulations on getting her! She's a lovely doll.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Muff, AG Lanc, Georgia Girl, dbg of BDE, April, Marles62, Jaye and D7ana!

Muff and Jaye, Thanks! I hope you get one when they go on sale! Mattel does seem to be making as many of dolls of a particular type now. I don't normally pay full price either. Especially that much but some times I deserve a treat! I have too many dolly on my list that I want to get when they go on sale.

AG Lanc, D7ana and dbg of BDE, Thanks! I didn't really like her old dress or body!

Georgia Girl, I know right! Thanks.

April, I agree! I have been taking pictures of her to see how she photographs.

Marles62, When will Mattel get the hint! All dolls need to be articulated or they need to just sell articulated bodies like action figures companies do!

thweatted said...

I never considered a Fresh Dolls head swap. I'm outside the US right now and can't find either one of the dolls, though I will probably get her. It's the collector level doll companies like hot toys, azone, integrity, obitsu, etc that sell bodies separately. Mattel is primarily a kids' toy brand and I think collectors are asking a lot to have skin tone, face sculpt, body size variety plus with made-to-move level articulation in all their dolls. Also, for younger kids and people who don't like the way doll joints look), less articulated dolls makes sense.