Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Chelsea Boy- No Name!

Hey Gang!

I added a new doll even though his does have molded hair!

I purchased him because I saw him at Target.  I really thought he might only 
be available online.

He looked paler online. He is about the same complexion as Chelsea.  I have
noticed he has the same QC issues as most of the other new dolls. I think, after
looking at this guy, that the issues are there because the manufacturing style or
process has changed.  

While inspecting the clothes of this doll (note the hole)

I noticed that the head has a big seam.   The head is made differently now.  

This might be because of the molded hair.  It appears to be two parts  merged 
together now causing a seam.
The seams are more obvious (to me) on the body 

and the feet too!

I guess as long as the seams aren't coming apart, I am OK with it! 
His molded on briefs are more for a boy than the Darrin doll.

 Comparing with Darrin

His shirt/shorts are one piece. So there will be no mixing and matching.

His sneakers are slightly different and have Chelsea printed on the bottom.

It appears that he doesn't have a name....only a number DYT90. If anyone knows 
of an online name, please let me know. 

I am playing around with him and other dolls to figure out chemistry. Do you see it! 
Do they look like friends or neighbors?

Guys in the front!
 I know the answer!
 I have a frog in my pocket!
 Let me see!
 The teacher is looking!
 Are you new?
 My name is......
In the next row is the 
Barrette Girls!
Three time four minus two is ten!
I knew that too! 
Heading home from school!
My brother can do tricks with the ball!
 Show em!

I was planning on customizing a brunette boy doll. I still may.  

OK, Thanks For Looking!


Presto said...

Geez, how disappointing that the clothing is one piece! That little camera top is so adorable!

Muff said...

I really like his clean cut look and the darker hair. Those seams would put me off though.

TM said...

I don't really collect the Chelsea sized dolls but they are so adorable together! The molded hair is pretty cute!

Phyllis said...

Awww, he is cute! Love your little classroom setup. What body does the older brother have?

The grandmommy said...

I like his freckles! He is a cutie seams and all. lol However Darrin has on panties.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Presto, Muff, TM, Phyllis and The grandmommy!

Presto, I think with a seam ripper it could be separated and resewn but who wants to have to do that!

Muff, What put me off at first was the large eyes. Like a comic character. I got use to it! The seam on the body can be covered with clothes. Unfortunately Mattel think that all boys should be in short pants like it is always summer!

TM, Yes! Cute!

Phyllis, Thanks! It is a knock off doll body I had sitting around. It is about Todd doll size.

The grandmommy! True! Panties!

Vanessa said...

I bought this guy today, too. I wasn't planning on adding him, but I know how quickly male boy dolls come and go. He is the perfect little boy for the newest Hispanic male doll. I considered adding him just for that reason. If the male dolls weren't $2 more than the female dolls, I probably would have gotten him. I can get him from Walmart for $7.94. You are right about the heads being made differently. It's the same case with the male dolls. They have neck bobs that I have never seen before. I understand why the outfit is one piece, and why some of the other Chelsea dolls have molded on clothes. Better for kids to keep up with the clothing.

Brini said...

I have him too and will need to open him up and check him out. I don't believe he has an name just a Chelsea friend. I purchased him because he is rare and you know Mattel introduces new males every now and then. He is going to be part of SIS Chandra family.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Vanessa and Brini! Male dolls and boy dolls are becoming rare! Have you seen the price that SIS Julian is selling for!

Vanessa, I think you are right about the clothes! I remember what I was like as a child. Many of my dolls no longer had shoes! I am glad you got him!

Brini, he did have a name on their site but if you find it out please let me know! I think you need to take him out of the box so he can breath! ;)

Amaruq said...

Does your Darrin have molded girlie underwear? Mine has no underwear...

Ms. Leo said...

Amaruq, welcome to my blog! Yes, he does! It is flesh tone.