Thursday, March 31, 2016

Video Of The Month!

Hey Gang!

Things happen and stuff breaks!  I found this video useful for those times.

1/6th scale Dragon Action Figure Hip repair Tutorial

OK, Thanks for Looking!


knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing!

All4 Barbie said...

Hello from Spain: I really like this tutorial. Very inspiring. Keep in touch

The grandmommy said...

I have two action figures with leg losses. I just consider them disabled vets. LOL

Phyllis said...

This is very helpful. I recently had to Action figures fall of a shelf and the both ended up with a similar break to this. I will try this technique to repair them!

april_n_paris said...

Thank you for sharing never know when something will break!!!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments KMQ, Marta, The grandmommy, Phyllis and April!

KMQ and Marta, I hope you are able to use the info!

The grandmommy, I thought about doing that too! Now I am rethinking it!

Phyllis, I have a couple of girl dolls with similar break. I plan on trying it on them too!

April, put it in your dollie arsenal!

Shasarignis said...

Thank you so much to share with us this video. It is very helpful.