Friday, January 23, 2015

One Of My Last Purchases for 2014!

Hey Gang!

I purchase about 5 things before the end of 2014!  This is one!

He is JLS Alston. He is the highest selling doll of the group. Since I not really
familiar with the group, I don't know why that is.  I always need more ethinic men
so I purchased him.  I got him at a good price because I purchased him during the
holidays.  I learned from doll club meetings that many dolls get overlooked at those

I have Marvin and was glad to add another member of the group.  The JLS dolls were
hard to find in the U.S.  I got Marvin from Sears new. What a surprise! I saw the info
on a blog...I can't remember who but thanks for the info!  They didn't have the rest
of the group. I purchased Alston used.

He has a rub on his head which is minor.

Front of the outfit

 Back of the outfit.

For a European male I didn't think the fashions on these dolls were very
good. Maybe it is just my American viewpoint.

I would have liked more high fashion or Hip Hop fashions.  Like this...

or this!

Oh well,  I have to redress him and maybe I'll show you a fashion show.
Here are my 3 dolls together.

Marvin, Alston  and Max George from the wanted!

OK, Thanks for Looking!


limbe dolls said...

Very handsome fellows!

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

I like Alston's expression. The other guys are nice. In comparison to "our" American-sold men, how does his height measure up? Is he as tall or shorter than, say, Ken, Brade, Steven, Darren, et al.?


Fricskamacska said...

I've got two of the three boys. :)

The grandmommy said...

Ok, lets see...I like dolls with teeth so more teeth showing the more I like them (usually) However I really like beards too so that close haircut and beard look is very attractive so I am pleased with all of them. I want to know like Black Doll Enthusiast. How tall are they?

Georgia Girl said...

Handsome dolls! I am also curious about the height. I love that they have different faces. The one with the beard is too cute! :-)

Muff said...

I've never seen these dolls in person, darnit! Glad you found him!

RoxanneRoxanne said...

He looks nice! I have Marvin, and he would love to have some of his bandmembers join him here.

Male Doll World said...

Glad you were able to get him. I like when they produce dolls from the music groups

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments limbe dolls, dbg of BDE, Fricshamacska, The grandmommy, Georgia Girl, Muff, RoxanneRoxanne, Male Doll World!

limbs dolls, thanks!

OK dbg of BDE, The grandmommy and Georgia Girl, these boy band dolls and the 1D dolls are smaller than Ken. They are Joe-ish. in size.

RoxanneRoxanne, I could add two more to my collection!

Fricshamacska welcome to my blog. Which two do you have?

Muff, I've purchased all these dolls on line. I had never seen them in person. I've only seen the 1D dolls.

Male Doll World, I applaud any opportunity to get new headsclupts!

D7ana said...

Congrats on getting some of the JLS guys. SuperCoolDollhouse tipped me about these guys in 2011; Male Doll World got 3 of them.

Congrats on getting hunky Max, too.

A male fashion show would be fun.