Saturday, November 30, 2013

I Know It Is Late But Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey Gang!

It is about time for a new post.  I have been busy with work and the 
Thanksgiving so my post is late but here it goes!
If you read this post anywhere other than
It is a fake!!! Run!!

Hey Guys, it is Tom Turkey here!

I made it through Thanksgiving...

But I'm still nervous!

I only got to make it  to New Years!

 There is not much call for turkey after that!

So I'm staying low and moving around and keeping my eyes peeled!
I think I hear something coming.  I'd better hide!

 It was Bison and Buttercup out for a ride.
Bison: This is a great fall day!

 We'll stop here for a few minuets.
 You can eat some of that grass over there.
 You are such a pretty girl!
He rubs her behind the ears.
Buttercup: I am such a pretty girl aren't I!
Bison: I just love it out here this time of year and this time of day!
 The light casts wonderful shadows on everything.
 It feels so warm on your skin too!
 What is that over there!
 I think I see something.
 Is that a turkey?

 It is time for us to start back home girl!

OK, Thanks For Looking!


MajorMistakes said...

This is one of them most handsome ken Mettel ever made! I love him so much :)

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: Happy Thanksgiving Day. I really like this guy. Very masculine .. Keep in touch

D7ana said...

Kocoum is handsome, and Buttercup is lovely. Tom Turkey looks good although I usually prefer to see his kind featherless and roasted a good, robust brown ;-)

Kidding about Tom Turkey. Looks like he got the Presidential pardon. Yay, Tom.

Muff said...

Happy belated gobble gobble, Ms. Leo! Tom better get on the run.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments MajorMistakes, Marta, D7ana and Muff!

Hey guys, This is the most masculine male Mattel has made! The angles of his face does great things with the light. I do have to play around with him in different outfits.

D7ana and Muff, Tom know his fate if he doesn't keep moving. Maybe we will see him later.

Eve*Sparkle said...

What a handsome man. Can he cook too? :) Mmmm turkey!