Saturday, January 19, 2013

At Target! Part 1!

Hi Gang!

I was at Target and they seem to have their shelves restocked with more items since they were depleted after the Holidays.  I don't know if these items are new or just new to me but I thought I would post them for you guys to see!

First up are these fashion packs for Barbie and Ken!  There were three of them there.  I think they are date packs.
 I liked the Ken pants on this one.  I hope they are separate and not a one piece thing.  The shirt and the vest on this one seem to be one piece.
 I am not a fan or this set and so it will stay in the store.
This one, I only like the black Barbie print pants.
There were two Barbie pack that I haven't seen before.  One was a "Only At Target" pack and the other...

 Was a Fashionista pack. I could see myself purchasing both of these for my girls!  They are very cute!

 There were both the new Fashionista guys there.  This is the one with the new hair cut and outfit...and the knees that don't bend!!!!
 Here they are both together. I they they look sad like they are saying I don't have legs that either.
 The Blonde ...I'm not sure if I'm ready for tie die.
 Close up!
 This guy was on sale!  I guess he didn't go over well.  I would buy another just for the clothing!
 Not a bad price!
 I just love this outfit but I can't see myself purchasing it just for that.  Maybe someone will have this dress for sale on the net.
 Stacie has a new hairdo!  She has bangs!  She looks like Cindy Brady with this hairstyle.
 Have you notice that Stacie has lost her freckles!  The newer Stacie doll don't have them.
 Not this one or...

 This one either!
 Close up on their faces!
 Stacie has such a sweet face!
 You got to love the bangs!  I might have to purchase this one even with the bent arm!
I know this is not the best picture but here is a picture of my old Stacie from an older post!  She is the Sisters Skate and she has the freckles!
There were the two Ariels there so I wanted to let you see them side by side too!

Thanks For Looking!


Carrickters said...

i don't know which is worse - bendable arms and non-bendable legs like the new male dolls or only bendable legs like the old Kens. I think after you've had articulated dolls, both are annoying. Stacie's face is lovely, with or without freckles.

Brini said...

I haven't been in the stores looking as of yet but I will pass on the Kens, don't like their faces or hair. The outfits are cool, the combo packs are cool too.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I like the package of clothes for Barbie and Ken. In my country stores are not for sale. I like the new Stacei no freckles. I hate Ken without articulable. What a pity! Thanks for showing this news. Keep in touch

Vanessa said...

I really like the new Ken outfits in the fashion packs. I haven't seen any of these yet. Love the new Stacy with bangs! That non bendable knee thing is more than annoying. It's just wrong. At least give him good clickable knees. Thanks for the review.

D7ana said...

My Kens are closing their eyes against the new fashions ;-D

Thanks for the Stacie photos. She does look cute. The one I would like is the brushed back hair one. That's a different style.

Georgia Girl said...

I saw them for the first time yesterday. TRU has a couple of new fashion packs too. I didn't take pics. I don't believe that they were exclusives. They are $13.99. I am hoping that they will show up at Target and Walmart soon, because they are really cute. Be sure to check the Target clearance isles, they have a lot of great deals right now.

Sarai said...

hola, la barbie look de molde stefie, es una edición coleccionista, yo estoy deseando tenerla¡

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Carrickters, Brina, Marta, Vanessa, D7ana, Georgia Girl and Sarai!

Carricters, I agree with you! Once you have an articulated doll, it is hard to go back! Stacie is one of the cutes if not the cutes face that Mattel has ever made.

Brina, I like the one with the brown hair. I purchased him. I like pieces in the fashion packs. So I would keep some and sell some.

Marta, I hope you get more Barbie stuff in your country this year!

Vanessa, Clickable legs have to be the bare minimum!

D7ana, I think she is cute no matter what they do to her but I do want the bang hair to change up!

Georgia Girl, Will Do! I love a sale!

Sarai, Sí, creo que es uno de los tipo de estilo de la ciudad de muñecas de colección.

Muff said...

Tie die was a big deal when I was a kid and we used to do it in home ec all the time. I didn't like it then and I don't like it now.

I'm all for freckles so I think it's a shame they removed them.