Monday, February 1, 2010

The Ultra Corps!

I purchased these two action figures when they first came out. As you can see, I have left one in the box and the other I have de-boxed for play. Although the face molds are the same they are two different dolls. One is Flashfire- Jungle Beret and the other is Junkyard-Mountain Recon. Why I keep one in the box? I do not know. I can't remember what I was thinking at the time but he is still in the box.

Their complexions are different and the face paint is slightly different. Ultra corps did a full line of action figures when the first came out. They still to action figures now but not as many and they are hard to find. They haven't done a new African American doll since this line. They are about the height of Ken but a little taller than GI Joe. The body is more bulky than GI Joe. The feet are different, They are wider the Ken with out the length of GI Joe. They can't wear all of the Ken shoe but they can wear all GI Joe boots. The hands are bigger than both Ken and GI Joe. They are not able to wear shirts that don't have sleeves that snap closed and the sleeve is a tighter fit because their arms are bigger too. Their facial expressions are very serious.



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Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Thanks for directing me to this blog and helping me identify my new man. As usual, your descriptive comparisons are very helpful.

These, indeed, are extremely nice figures. I am glad I was able to find mine, even though he was loose and very well preloved.

I wish the company would make more dark skinned figures like this.